Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Acrobatic Artistry: Level 6 Vol. I-II

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Our most advanced level continues with “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Acrobatic Artistry: Level 6”. It builds directly off Level 5. This video is meant to add difficulty and push the student to a professional level. Students will be able to properly execute both Front and Side Aerials, as well as Continuous Back Handsprings, Straddle Press Handstands, and Consecutive Aerial Cartwheels. The goal is to train and push the dancer to their fullest potential. Dancers will further develop their springing skills, learn Moonwalks, Handstand Pirouettes, No- Handed Valdezes, Standing Back Tucks, Chinese Chestrolls, Reverse Tinscicas, and Standing Front Aerials. At the end of Level 6, dancers should have a creative and varied repertoire of unique ideas for creating the most appealing combinations.

Kimberly’s students have always excelled in acrobats, leading to Kimberly receiving numerous awards for her innovative and creative choreography. Because her students are always recognized as having a superior level dance technique, poise, and stage presence, Kimberly is highly sought as a teacher of master classes and workshops. Students can create limitless combinations with help from this innovative program. Using our “Acrobatic Artistry” series, alongside our “Extreme Stretch and Flexibility”, “Boost n’ Bounce”, “How-To Tutorial”, and “Ultimate Conditioning” video series’, will craft you into the strong and able dancer you wish to be!


DTCE’s Acrobatic Artistry: Level 6 Vol. I-II course will add difficulty and push students to the professional level with advanced combinations. The Syllabus includes Front and Side Aerials, Continuous Back Handsprings, Straddle Press Handstands, Consecutive Aerial Cartwheels, Springing Skills, Specialty Skills, and more! You can follow the full course guide, or mix and match to create your own class from over 82 innovative skills like Moonwalks, Handstand Pirouettes, No-Handed Valdezes, Standing Back Tucks, Chinese Chestrolls, Reverse Tinsicas, and Standing Front Aerials.

DTCE’s detailed syllabi allow you to create your own course of study from the plethora of innovative drills we offer- or follow our complete lesson plans to guide your students through progressive exercises to obtain skill level mastery. Syllabi offer a list of steps that correlate with each video, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Syllabi can be used as a teacher training resource or class planning guide for your studio, saving you time in curriculum development! Teachers, assistants, trainees, and substitutes can all easily be on the same page using this sequenced tool. Syllabi are also useful for dance parents as a reinforcement guide to what children are learning in their weekly classes.