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An Aspiring Teacher With A Passion For Dance Looking To Share Your Knowledge, But Uncertain And Insecure Where And How To Begin.


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With DTCE’s dance-on-demand courses, you’ll master a variety of genres and unlock your fullest potential! Our specialty categories are industry standouts taught by qualified instructors. You won’t want to miss out on this specialized material:




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Our dancers are consistently recognized for having a superior level of technique, poise, and stage presence. Join us now and make your dreams come true. Using the DTCE method many of Kimberly’s former students have accomplishments that include:

Welcome to DTCE

Hello and welcome to Dance: The Cutting Edge! We’re so glad you’re here!

First, a little about us. Dance: The Cutting Edge (DTCE) is a culmination of Kimberly Beck Thomson’s decades worth of passion for dancing, choreographing, teaching, and studio ownership combined with her love for children, and watching her students blossom into strong, well-rounded, amazing dancers.

Kimberly’s 25+ years of attending educational workshops and teacher training courses is considered today an “old-school” way of learning. For example, take a class – receive notes – go back to the studio and try to remember what all those written “mumble-jumble” notes meant. Imagine if we had cell phones and we were able to record and shoot videos while taking dance class. How much easier life would have been!

While using her own library of collected materials, she had the foresight to realize that in current times, where the internet is readily available to most people in one way or another, there was a need for all of this standard, written dance-related material to be available as an online dance instructional course with both VIDEOS+SYLLABUS. Using devices — quite literally at your fingertips, you can utilize well-designed, easy-to-follow dance instructional materials anytime!

Kimberly’s expertise in teaching, dancing, choreographing, and all things dance, plus the need for it all to be available online, burgeoned into what is now Dance: The Cutting Edge—the first of its kind, progressive, on-demand instructional dance tutorials. Because Kimberly knows the importance of a solid foundation, she has also included—specifically for the preschoolers and kindergarteners—her Primary for Tots Courses. These dance videos are age-appropriate and progression-based so the littles aren’t missing out on developing proper, sequential techniques.

Not only is her course beneficial for dance educators, students, and hobbyists, it can also be very instrumental for studio owners and educational institutions as well. All of her dance courses include syllabi which can be useful to develop lesson plans or a curriculum for studio owners and teachers alike.

Your subscription with DTCE includes a multi-user access feature for studio owners to share tutorial videos & lesson plans with their teachers. This is a great tool to help students advance to the next level. DTCE is also a useful resource when needing a substitute teacher to “cover” their classes; they will know exactly what the core teacher is teaching and will be able to pick up at just the right spot. This is so important for the students!

The DTCE online course includes 65+ artistically-inspired dance classes—all taught by professional instructors—and 3000+ lessons in over 17 different genres, primary and beginner – advanced! The DTCE Method has proven successful for 8000+ students and counting. These include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Flexibility, Conditioning, Warm Ups, Technique, Modern, Ballroom, Fitness, Choreography, and so much more!

The #1 Online “Progressive” Dance Tutorial Series

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