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Studio Owner/Master Account Holder/Academic Institution Corporate Membership Contract

THIS AGREEMENT is to provide the Services described in Article II and the Terms described in Article III and Article IV below.


Master Account Holder shall refer to “YOU” – STUDIO OWNER/ACADEMIC INSTITUTION as the primary account utilizing services provided by DTCE. This is most often, but not always, assigned to You.

Sub-Accounts shall refer to all enrolled Teachers/Staff accounts created by DTCE and assigned to the appropriate users within your company, corporation, or business.

Total Payment Due shall mean the full amount owed by You, to be made and satisfied by You or Your representative and complying with the payment arrangement described below in Article III and Article IV.

You shall refer to the promisor. Specifically, the Master Account Holder/Academic Institution. 

DTCE shall refer to the promisee which refers to the Dance: The Cutting Edge (DTCE) Representative, Kimberly Thomson or DTCE Corporate Representative.

Third-party Beneficiares shall refer to the Teachers/Staff (Intended Beneficiaries) and Students (Incidental Beneficiaries).

Article I – Party Information.

1.1 The Promisor – You  

  1. As per the terms of the agreement, the party assuming the role of the Promisor shall be identified as the Master Account Holder/Academic Institution. In this context, “You” shall invariably refer to the aforementioned Master Account Holder/Academic Institution.

1.2 The Promisee – DTCE

  1. As per the terms of the agreement, the party assuming the role of the Promisee shall be identified as the DTCE Representative. In this context, “Kimberly Thomson” shall invariably refer to the aforementioned DTCE Representative.

Your DTCE Representative

Kimberly Beck Thomson

E-mail Address

   1.3 Financial Terms

  1. Studio Owner/Master Account Holder

 Pursuant to the provisions stipulated in the website, the exact monetary amount shall be subjected to billing on a recurring basis, with intervals of six months separating each billing cycle.

  1. Academic Institution

Pursuant to the provisions stipulated in the website, the exact monetary amount shall be subjected to billed biannually at six-month intervals where additional fees apply for site licensing, site registration fee, and optional student licensing. 

Article II – Services.

2.1 DTCE Plan Selection

  1. The Parties agree that You have selected and DTCE shall provide the Corporate Membership Program of Services and that this Contract creates a responsibility by DTCE to provide only those Services listed within the agreed program of Services. These Services are found on the list below and advertisements provided to You by DTCE;



✅ Teacher Training Tutorial Videos

(16+ Genres & 3,000+ Videos)

✅ Syllabi Lists 

(900+ Progressive Curriculum – Downloadable)

✅ Accredited Dance Curriculum

(All Levels/All Styles)

✅ Regular Updates

(User-friendly + Done-For-You = Less Stress!)

✅ Over $6200 of Interactive Resources

(#1 Leader in Online Dance Education)

✅ Training Videos on How to Access/Use All Interactive Resources

(Tutorial Videos, Syllabus, Lesson Plans, & Skill Charts)

✅ Includes Free Access for 8 Users

(Need More? Email:

✅ Access All Interactive Resources

(Streamline Your Curriculum)

✅ Free Resources

(Studio Management Essentials)

✅ Lesson Plans 

(100+ Digital: Skill + Video – Weekly & Monthly)

✅ Interactive Syllabus 

(900+ Complete Curriculum: Skill + Tutorial Video)

✅ Skill Charts 

(Tests Knowledge: Skill + Video – Reuseable)

✅ Cancel Anytime – No Cancellation Fee!

(Excludes Custom Corporate Accounts & Academic Institutions)

✅ Available Add-Ons – Billed Separately

(Training Sessions – Achievement Certificates)

✅ Optional Academic Student Access – Billed Separately

(Unlimited Users – Additional Fees Apply)

For more info email:

2.2 Accepting this Agreement 

By accepting this agreement, you are bound to agree to the following;

  1. You will have access to Dance: The Cutting Edge (“DTCE”) services for six (6) months from the date below. If any of your Teachers/Staff  leave your studio, they will still have access to our services and their Corporate Membership is non-refundable/non-transferrable. 
  2. You agree to be bound to its terms.
  3. You agree to follow the payment condition found in Article I, Section 1.3 (a) or (b) above, and that failure to follow this Payment Arrangement will result in this Agreement being null and void unless otherwise agreed to by both parties.

Article III – Terms.

3.1 Payment  

  1. You agree to guarantee and pay for your Corporate Membership via Payment Method and in compliance with the described payment arrangement stipulated in the website.  
  2. Payment Condition: 
    1. The payment obligation entails the remittance of the amount stipulated in the website on a biannual basis, with billing occurring every six months. Additional fees apply for Academic Institution (Site Licensing, Site Registration, Student Licensing [optional], Quarterly Maintenance Fees). The customer retains the right to terminate the payment arrangement at any time
  3. There are no refunds of payments made to DTCE for any reason. All payments are deemed earned when received. If DTCE provides some full or partial refund for the purpose of goodwill or another reason, this in no way creates the obligation for future refunds to You or any other User of DTCE’s Services.
  4. Failure to comply with the amounts and due dates listed above results in this Contract being automatically deemed null and void, and You releasing DTCE from further obligation to You. Article III, Section 3.1(c), prohibiting refunds shall survive in the event this Contract is deemed null and void and no refunds of funds already paid to DTCE will be provided.
  5. You acknowledge that there is no Free Trial Period associated with DTCE’s Corporate Membership program or its services.

3.2 Length of Agreement 

  1. This agreement shall last six months from the date of this Contract. This Contract will not automatically renew. 
  2. This Agreement shall be entered by a person with the authority i.e. the promisor to enter into such an agreement.

3.3 Contacting DTCE

  1. Your DTCE Representative/Team Leader is the first point of contact for You. Please reach out to him or her with questions, concerns, or feedback.
  2. You agree that You will not attempt to contact DTCE instructors or teachers featured in our Services, videos, and other materials, either individually or in a group. 
  3. If You desire contact with any DTCE instructors or teachers, you agree to contact your DTCE representative/team leader first and further agree that DTCE reserves the right to collect a referral fee, 
  1. determined at the time of referral and agreed to by both parties, in the event that You hire a DTCE instructor or teacher for any teaching purposes, including classes, choreography, solos, duos, trios, etc.

3.4 Single Studio/Academic Institution

  1. This Contract is between You and DTCE and does not allow the use of DTCE’s Services with, through, or by a Studio/Academic Institution.
  2. Further, You and any person assigned to any Master Account or Sub-Account (Teachers/Staff) shall not share, distribute, or alter change in any username, password, or other login information to any other person or entity not provided by You and approved of by DTCE.

3.5 Other Agreements 

  1. The entirety of this agreement is within the four corners of this Contract, including documents incorporated by reference.
  2. You acknowledge that you have read, agreed to, and incorporated by reference DTCE’s Privacy Policy found here, and Terms and Conditions found here 
  3. You agree that dancing can cause injury and that DTCE is not liable for any injury arising out of skills taught using DTCE Interactive Resources or methods.

Article IV. DTCE Custom Corporate Membership/Academic Institution

4.1  Plan Options

  1. Plan A: Lead Teacher & Staff Members
    1. Corporate Membership Fee
    2. School Licensing Fee 
    3. One-Time Set-Up Fee
    4. Quarterly Maintenance Fee
  2. Plan B: Lead Teacher, Staff Members, and Students
    1. Corporate Membership Fee
    2. School Licensing Fee
    3. One-Time Set-Up Fee
    4. Student Licensing Fee
    5. Quarterly Maintenance Fee

4.2  Terms 

  1. Plans A & B
  1. Upon completing the registration process, a deposit totaling 50% of School Licensing Fee, One-Time Set-Up Fee, Student Licensing Fee (optional). Quarterly Maintenance Fee will be collected on the first week of every quarter. The aforementioned amount shall be accrued and collected. It is important to note that this payment shall be invoiced and collected independently from the DTCE Website platform, and hence cannot be settled through said website.
  1. The completion of the registration procedure is mandatory through the official website of the DTCE, whereby a Lead Teacher and 7 supplementary Staff members are required to be included. 

iii. By agreeing, you explicitly agree that your subscription must remain active for a period of six months (Academic Institutions – 12 months). Hence, you will incur a payment of the said amount found in the website billed biannually at six-month intervals where additional fees apply for Academic Institution i.e. Site Licensing, Site Registration, Student Licensing (optional), and Quarterly Maintenancee Fees.

  1. The validity period for accessing the website shall commence from the designated start date and shall remain in effect for a period of six (6) months.
  2. By virtue of entering into the Custom Corporate Membership/Academic Institution agreement with DTCE, hereby acknowledges and agrees to the stipulation that the school is prohibited from terminating the membership prior to the occurrence of the second billing cycle. The aforementioned billing cycle shall entail a registration fee stipulated in the website for the school’s participation.
  3. In the event that you opt for “Plan B: Lead Teacher, Staff Members, and Students” as outlined in Article 4.1, it is essential to note that supplementary details regarding the registration of student users shall be provided. This includes information pertaining to student accounts, including their respective email addresses and passwords.