Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Jazz Fusion: Level 4 Vol. I-II

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“Dance: The Cutting Edge – Jazz Fusion: Level 4” is a continued building block on Jazz Level 3. Focus and multitasking are exercised through the use of advanced arm and head movements and refined body placement. Balance, strength, and flexibility are crucial at this level when learning moves such as Hinges that are taken to the floor, Layouts, and Needles. Proper technique and turnout are further developed, especially during A La Seconde Turns. Dancers enjoy new jumps, such as Frog Jumps and Cut Jumps. All told, there are more than 90 new skills presented in Level 4! Level 4 is very structured. Strength training and advanced use of music and rhythms are further stressed.

Instructor Kimberly Beck Thomson is a third-generation dancer with more than 35 years of experience as a studio owner, performer, choreographer, and instructor. Kimberly puts a necessary emphasis on the student’s knowledge of foundation. It is the belief here at Dance: The Cutting Edge that a solid foundation is vital for proper progression and injury prevention. Everyone loves fancy moves, but we love executing them with proper technique!


DTCE’s Jazz: Level 4 Vol. I-II course is very structured. Strength training and advanced use of music and rhythms are stressed. The Syllabus includes Barre Technique, Across the Floor, A la Secondes, Jumps, Leaps, and more! You can follow the full course guide, or mix and match to create your own class from over 90 impressive skills like Hinges to the Floor, Layouts, Needles, Fouettés in a Box, Double Attitude- Double Leg Grab Turns, Frog Jumps, Cut Jumps, Chaîne Switch Leaps, and Reverse Leaps.

DTCE’s detailed syllabi allow you to create your own course of study from the plethora of innovative drills we offer- or follow our complete lesson plans to guide your students through progressive exercises to obtain skill level mastery. Syllabi offer a list of steps that correlate with each video, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Syllabi can be used as a teacher training resource or class planning guide for your studio, saving you time in curriculum development! Teachers, assistants, trainees, and substitutes can all easily be on the same page using this sequenced tool. Syllabi are also useful for dance parents as a reinforcement guide to what children are learning in their weekly classes.