Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Hip Hop Choreography "In The End": Advanced

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Note: Syllabus in Choreo series is a one page description of the routine. (Complimentary)

“Dance: The Cutting Edge-Hip Hop Choreography – In the End” was created with material masterminded by legendary choreographer Leo Chavez. Leo is world-renowned with a reputation as a dancer and choreographer for top music professionals. Leo brings one-of-a-kind routines to the choreography of the Hip Hop genre. This video was developed with choreography geared toward the advanced skill level. Leo demonstrates the energy and rhythm of Hip Hop, as it was originally performed on the street. Hip Hop’s distinctive features of improv and freestyle are considered as dancers work on special dynamics and isolations of the body.

Dance: The Cutting Edge videos are professionally filmed using multiple camera angles, high-definition breakdowns, and correction of incorrect technique. Leo’s unique routines and fresh Hip Hop sequences are instrumental to build the Hip Hop dancer’s repertoire! “In the End” is a must have tool for the Hip Hop dancer!