Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Contemporary Choreography Vol.II "Once Again": Intermediate

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Note: Syllabus in Choreo series is a one page description of the routine. (Complimentary)

“Dance: The Cutting Edge-Contemporary Choreography – Once Again” was created with stunning new material by Adri Lu. Adri Lu is a successful dancer and award-winning choreographer within multiple dance genres, including Ballet, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Tap and Musical Theater. This video has choreography of controlled movements, with intermediate level dance steps. The dancer will be challenged with choreography that requires sweat and discipline.

Adri Lu explores new, more mature dance moves while bringing out the emotion and passion of her dancers! Dance: The Cutting Edge videos are filmed with multiple camera angles and offer high-definition examples of each step. Adri Lu gives students innovative new drills to build exceptional skills and confidence! Add “Once Again” to your video library today!