Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Contemporary Choreography Vol.II "Going Higher": Beginner

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Note: Syllabus in Choreo series is a one page description of the routine. (Complimentary)

“Dance: The Cutting Edge-Contemporary Choreography – Going Higher” was created with fresh new material by Adri Lu. Adri Lu is a successful dancer and award-winning choreographer within multiple dance genres, including Ballet, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Tap, and Musical Theater. This video has choreography of controlled movements, with beginner level dance steps. Dancers will learn about using space in contemporary dancing, building motifs, dynamics, and more! The dancer will learn passion and discipline from a true artist in Adri Lu. She appreciates the art of inventing and arranging challenging and inspiring choreography. Her aesthetically appealing routines are a step up in contemporary choreography.

Dance: The Cutting Edge videos are shot with multiple camera angles in high-definition to provide examples of each step, including front view/back view, slow-motion breakdowns, and comparisons of correct versus incorrect technique. Adri Lu offers students the latest contemporary dance moves, emphasizing the grace and fluidity of all genres. “Going Higher” is an important addition to any dancer’s video library!