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Warm Up Tap Series: Beginner-Advanced

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“Dance: The Cutting Edge – Tap Warm Up Series: Beginner-Advanced” was designed for supplemental use with all videos in the Tap Series. It incorporates all-new inventive exercises with breakdowns of movements for the purpose of warming the muscles of the body in a progressive manner. In the “Tap Warm Up” series, students learn the building blocks of Tap, which are the three main parts of the feet: Toe, Ball, and Heel. With these three basic elements, they can create different sound combinations. As the series progresses through intermediate and advanced levels, the warm up movements are designed to match the progressive skill levels of the dancers.

The creator and instructor, Kimberly Beck Thomson, is an accomplished dancer and instructor with a solid foundation of knowledge about the progressive needs in preparing the body for dance training. Also instructing in this series is someone you may recognize from So You Think You Can Dance Season 10, Curtis Holland. Trained under professionals such as Savion Glover, Curtis is currently performing up a storm across the United States from Oregon to New York City where he has performed on Broadway in Mean Girls and Shuffle Along.