Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Ultimate Burn - Boost n’ Bounce Series: Vol. I-II

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Ultimate Burn - Boost n’ Bounce Vol. I – Vol. II

At “Dance: The Cutting Edge”, we know that dancers need not only flexibility and dance technique, but also conditioning and exceptional balance to accomplish the most desired and advanced steps. Students love the “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Boost n’ Bounce Vol. I – Vol. II” video! This innovative and customized approach of visionary material will increase your range of motion and strength, improve balance, and reduce tension throughout the body often caused by improper posture. You will be guided through more than 70 new and novel skills!

“Ultimate Burn” is a passion of the creator, and award-winning choreographer Kimberly Beck Thomson. This series was designed with a tailored, unique method to conditioning and balance, critical to all genres of dance. The implementation of the Bosu “bouncer” allows the dancer to target finite muscle groups, developing not only a more defined look, but also teaching the dancer how to find and utilize these muscles without the help of props. Students don’t even seem to realize how hard they are working while having so much fun! With this greater self-awareness and strength, comes great control, allowing the dancer to execute riveting skills they may have never thought possible! This program zones in on the essential muscle groups that every dancer needs to excel in their sport. It’s also great for the hobbyist to achieve that lean and sculpted dancer physique!