Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Jazz Fusion Trendy Moves Series: Vol. I-II

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Jazz Fusion - Trendy Moves Vol. I-II

Want to learn the hottest, popular moves that give dancers so much style? Check out Kimberly’s fashionably crafted, “Dance: The Cutting Edge-Jazz Fusion Trendy Moves”. She has pulled together all the trendiest jazz dance steps from her years as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer just for you! This video travels through the ages as you learn classic moves that every dancer will recognize, such as Fosse Hip Rolls, The Jerk, The Charleston, and The Pony. Or, see how other cultures have influenced dance and take it around the world with a spicy Cuban Step Merengue, African Step, or Cha-Cha! Or, how about The Floss, Moonwalk Turtle, Happy Feet, The Roy Purdy, Hit Dem Folks, and other trendy styles!

In our “Dance the Cutting Edge: Jazz Fusion Trendy Moves” video, Kimberly breaks down some trendsetting tricks to capture not only your audience, but judges as well! To be an effective and influential teacher and choreographer, one must stay current, so while her students were off taking master classes, so was Kimberly! She is a third-generation dancer with more than 35 years of experience as a studio owner, performer, choreographer, and instructor. Kimberly is joined in this series by other elite, master professionals to lead students toward a whole new set of skills and moves for their repertoire!