Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Jazz Choreography Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Note: Syllabus in Choreo series is a one page description of the routine. (Complimentary)

“Dance: The Cutting Edge-Jazz Choreography Series” was created with all new, innovative material by Kimberly Beck Thomson, an award-winning choreographer. Her creativity and energy are contagious for dancers who are especially fond of the Jazz genre. Kimberly helps students become sophisticated and slick dancers with phenomenal technique, stage presence, and mastery of musicality, accents, and transitions. Demonstrating the different styles of Jazz, Kimberly puts a necessary emphasis on dancers having an accomplished and well-rounded repertoire. Kimberly believes that a solid foundation is vital for proper progression and injury prevention. Her students demonstrate superior skill and stamina when performing. Students will move from novice to advanced, as different guest instructors offer their expertise! Dancers will perfect different styles and genres of Jazz while learning how to connect movement to muscles.

This video series is for a range of skill levels, including beginner through advanced, with creative choreography. Filmed with multiple camera angles, this series offers high-definition examples of each step, slow-motion breakdowns, and corrections of incorrect technique. Dancers can take to the stage with enthusiasm as they show off their strength and flexibility matched to the music of the genre, including sharp drum syncopation for precise movements. Kimberly keeps her students moving to this dynamic form of dance!