Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Beyond Progressions Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Beyond Progressions Series: Beginner - Advanced

“Dance: The Cutting Edge- Beyond Progressions Series: Beginner – Advanced” is essential in dance training. The dancer will learn how to work across the floor, with steps from various genres, specifically including Jazz and Tap. The dancer will also learn to add progressions to use their space, while creating steps that are challenging and rewarding. Dancers will follow Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Tap choreography, and valuable training in the process of joining steps to create progression combinations.

This series will demonstrate the fundamentals of combining steps, various rhythm patterns, and step intensities while building a more confident, self-assured dancer and assisting in overall dance training. The series prepares dancers for new opportunities while also building endurance. The “Beyond Progressions Series” is offered in various skill levels to ensure all dancers have the training necessary to further their dance career. Kimberly Beck Thomson recognizes the importance that every dancer with ambitions of a professional career be trained in a wide variety of skills and provides a path to success with her expansive series.