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Acrobatic Artistry Combined Skills Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Be the first to learn never-before seen combinations with the “Combined Skill Series”! This collective video series takes the dancer through all three levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—adapting along the way. Kimberly Beck Thomson’s style of teaching acrobatics is informative and straight forward, as well as safe. All students are properly spotted and taught perfect hand placement to avoid injuries. Students will learn and practice Forward Roll, Pop-Fishbowl, Crabwalks-Tower Stunt, Back Kickover-Backbend-Inside Out-Egyptian Pose, Front Aerials-Side Aerials, Poison Ivy- Back Walk Over-Back Handspring, Aerial Half-Twist-Front Walkover, Three-Handed Cartwheel-Back Walkover, Back Limber, Back Chest Roll, Chinstand, Spiders, Knee Front Walkover, One-Handed Cartwheel, Cartwheel Straddle Penché, Pike Headstand, Pivot Tick Tocks, Press Handstand, Pivot-Handstand-Walking Backward, Back Handspring-Limber-Elbows- Penché, Elbow Front Walk Over, Variation Valdez, Pop-Leap, Valdez Split, Standing Aerials, Spotter-Back-Walkovers, and more! In all, students will learn more than 50 combinations with this skills series!

The novice can learn easily while the advanced learner will master the skills presented. With this series, you can truly see how each combination builds through the levels. Pair this with our “Extreme Stretch & Flexibility”, “Ultimate Conditioning”, “How-To Tutorial”, and “Boost n’ Bounce” series’ and find yourself executing these skills with fluid movement and unparalleled strength.

Join this with the rest of the “Acrobatic Artistry” video series as a fun and exciting way to practice what you have learned through the levels and to prep unique combinations for any competition or performance!