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We are the only subscription based INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO + CURRICULUM + SYLLABI platform available for teachers and studio owners. We have 65* courses, 3000+ lessons in over 17 different genres, primary and beginner thru advanced. The DTCE method has been proven effective for 8000+ students and counting…LET’S DANCE!

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Professional Strategies

Learn to build teacher/student confidence and never over spot

Streamline Lesson plans

Create your own yearly lesson plans and save your precious time

Progressive Curriculum

A game changing curriculum that will help your students achieve success

Acro Skills

Balancing, Tumbling, Flexibility, Conditioning, Technique and more…

11+ hours of Videos

Follow alongs, Tutorials, How to’s, Step by step breakdowns, Trending Tricks

35 Pages of Syllabus

Structured Curriculum for all levels – Partner work & Combined skills included


Increase studio enrollment


Customizable Lesson


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About Kimberly

Helping you achieve your goals is Our passion

Hello and welcome to Dance: The Cutting Edge! We’re so glad you’re here!

Dance: The Cutting Edge was conceived and created by Kimberly Beck Thomson, a certified dance curriculum expert, an award-winning choreographer, successful dance studio owner, and third-generation instructor with 35+ years of experience. Kimberly received her certification through Florida Dance Masters – an accredited teacher training organization (Exam Based).

Kimberly’s 25+ years of attending educational workshops and teacher training courses is considered today an “old-school” way of learning. For example, take a class – receive notes – go back to the studio and try to remember what all those written “mumble-jumble” notes meant. Imagine if we had cell phones and we were able to record and shoot videos while taking dance class. How much easier life would have been!

While using her own library of collected materials, Kimberly realized there was a need for all of this standard, written dance-related notes to be available as an online dance instructional course with both VIDEOS+SYLLABUS.

Dance: The Cutting Edge—the first of its kind an accredited, progressive, on-demand instructional dance tutorial series. All of her dance courses include syllabi which can be useful to develop lesson plans or a curriculum for studio owners and teachers alike. DTCE is your blueprint to running a successful-profitable dance studio

The DTCE online course includes 65+ artistically-inspired dance classes—all taught by professional instructors—and 3000+ lessons in over 17 different genres, primary and beginner – advanced! The DTCE Method has proven successful for 8000+ students and counting. 

My Achievements

What Will You Learn From this acro course?

comprehensive Curriculum
Tutorial videos + syllabus
teacher & studio training platform
All Levels

teaching best practices

Back handSpring Drills

Dynamic Class Structure

Multiple Aerial Drills

Safety & Injury Prevention

Proper Spotting Technique

unique combos

Minimize burnout Method

Flexibility & Strength

Tumbling & Technique

balancing & Control

Trending Ideas & Tricks

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this course

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