Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Traditional Ballet: Basic

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“Dance: The Cutting Edge – Traditional Ballet: Basic” is the perfect knowledge-packed challenge and starting point for older beginners, ballet novices, or can be a great conditioning course alongside any of our Level 1-4 videos. Our “Basic Ballet” was conceived by Allyn Ginn Ayers, a professional dancer and dance instructor based in Miami, Florida, and member of Dance Now! Previously with Gin Dance Company, located in Washington DC, Allyn started dancing at the age of three and developed a strong background in both classical ballet and modern techniques. In all, dancers will see 47 exceptional steps! She guides her class through a full barre, Pliés to Battements, focusing on learning and perfecting the movements that truly warm the body.

Students begin to learn jumps at the barre, including those with Batu (beats) such as Entrechat Trois, Quatre, and Cinq (wow!). All five feet positions and eight body positions (a dancer’s Epaulement) are reviewed and explained. Both en Dedan (inside) and en Dehor (outside), Pirouettes are done in center, as well as a ballet dancer’s most used jumps: Pas de Chats, Grand Jetes, and Saut de Chats.


DTCE’s Ballet: Basic course is the perfect knowledge-packed challenge and starting point for older beginners and ballet novices, or can be a great conditioning course. The Syllabus includes Barre Technique, Jumps/Turns at the Barre, Basic Positions, Center, and Across the Floor. You can follow the full course guide, or mix and match to create your own class from over 47 exceptional steps like Pliés, Battements, Entrechat Trois (Quatre and Cinq!), Pirouettes, Pas de Chats, Grand Jetés, Saut de Chats, and more!

DTCE’s detailed syllabi allow you to create your own course of study from the plethora of innovative drills we offer- or follow our complete lesson plans to guide your students through progressive exercises to obtain skill level mastery. Syllabi offer a list of steps that correlate with each video, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Syllabi can be used as a teacher training resource or class planning guide for your studio, saving you time in curriculum development! Teachers, assistants, trainees, and substitutes can all easily be on the same page using this sequenced tool. Syllabi are also useful for dance parents as a reinforcement guide to what children are learning in their weekly classes.