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Fitness & Finesse Zumba: Intermediate

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DTCE’s Fitness & Finesse: Zumba – Intermediate is jam-packed with challenging new Zumba steps and combinations! In the Intermediate level, you’ll learn more complex patterns, longer phrases, and combine movements in new and exciting ways! Zumba benefits both dancers and hobbyists by improving heart health, coordination, muscle tone, and stamina. But the biggest benefit of all may be the joy and fun this exciting program will bring to you!

This video series, created from the mind of award-winning choreographer Kimberly Beck Thomson, is designed to increase a dancer’s range of strength, endurance, and muscle control. Zumba Intermediate is the perfect complement to your dance training.


DTCE’s Fitness & Finesse: Zumba- Intermediate course is full of fun, exciting movements to continue your Zumba training! This high energy program is inspired by a series of up to sixteen core Latin steps, in four basic rhythms: Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue, and Cumbia. The Syllabus is designed to increase a dancer’s range of strength, endurance, and muscle control. You can follow the full course guide, or mix and match to create your own class to develop the strength to accomplish the most desired and advanced dance steps.

DTCE’s detailed syllabi allow you to create your own course of study from the plethora of innovative drills we offer- or follow our complete lesson plans to guide your students through progressive exercises to obtain skill level mastery. Syllabi offer a list of steps that correlate with each video, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Syllabi can be used as a teacher training resource or class planning guide for your studio, saving you time in curriculum development! Teachers, assistants, trainees, and substitutes can all easily be on the same page using this sequenced tool. Syllabi are also useful for dance parents as a reinforcement guide to what children are learning in their weekly classes.