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Acrobatic Artistry "How-To": Vol. I-III

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Are you looking for well-designed, self-paced learning? Check out our “Acrobatic Artistry ‘How-To’ Series Tutorial: Vol. I – Vol. III” and follow it along with the rest of our “Acrobatic Artistry” series! It is important to follow these series hand-in-hand to achieve the best results for every dancer. Students will see detailed breakdowns of Arm Alignment, Aerial Cartwheel Drill (Pulls), Dive Rolls, Backward Roll Planks, ¼ Headspin, Handstand Block, Arabian Drill (Tuck, Pike, Straddle), Front Aerial Drill, Backward Roll, Headstand, Handstand (Wall), Back Limber Drill, Forward Roll, Half Back Roll-Shoulder Stand, Kick Headstand, Handstand Walking, and more during this series! Over 140 new skills are presented in this series and dancers will see not only instructors, but students offering demonstrations! View this as a set of tools to perfect each skill. It is jam-packed with spotting tips to fix all mistakes, and hand placement to prevent injury. As in any acrobatic classroom, safety is the number one priority! Pair this with our “Extreme Stretch & Flexibility”, “Ultimate Conditioning”, and “Boost n’ Bounce” series’ and find yourself executing these skills with fluid movement and unparalleled strength.

Designed by Kimberly Beck Thomson to give a comprehensive breakdown of each move for every type of learner, this series uses a unique approach when explaining the requisites to executing with technique and strength. Execution with good form is a true necessity for the dancer who wants to fully grasp their tricks and better understand the mechanics and capabilities of their own bodies. Always ensure that your students have mastered basic skills before moving on to more difficult and demanding skills and stunts. Kimberly incorporates her flexibility and conditioning program with the “How-To” series to help dancers combine strength training with learning new skills.


DTCE's “Acrobatic Artistry ‘How-To’ Series Tutorial: Vol. I – Vol. III” provides well-designed, self-paced learning to master the most desired acrobatic skills. Pairing “Acrobatic Artistry ‘How-To’ Series Tutorial: Vol. I – Vol. III” along with the rest of our “Acrobatic Artistry” series is important to achieve the best results for every dancer. The Syllabus presents over 140 new skills and places safety as the number one priority! You can follow the full course guide, or mix and match to create your own class from detailed breakdowns of Arm Alignments, Aerial Cartwheel Drills (Pulls), Dive Rolls, Backward Roll Planks, ¼ Headspins, Handstand Blocks, Arabian Drills (Tuck, Pike, Straddle), Front Aerial Drills, Backward Rolls, Headstands, Handstands (Wall), Back Limber Drills, Forward Rolls, Half Back Roll-Shoulder Stands, Kick Headstands, Handstand Walking, and more!

DTCE’s detailed syllabi allow you to create your own course of study from the plethora of innovative drills we offer- or follow our complete lesson plans to guide your students through progressive exercises to obtain skill level mastery. Syllabi offer a list of steps that correlate with each video, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Syllabi can be used as a teacher training resource or class planning guide for your studio, saving you time in curriculum development! Teachers, assistants, trainees, and substitutes can all easily be on the same page using this sequenced tool. Syllabi are also useful for dance parents as a reinforcement guide to what children are learning in their weekly classes.