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Warm Up Jazz Series: Beginner-Advanced

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“Dance: The Cutting Edge – Jazz Warm Up Series: Beginner-Advanced” was designed for supplemental use with all videos in the Jazz Series. It incorporates all-new inventive exercises with breakdowns of movements for the purpose of warming the muscles of the body in a progressive manner. The “Jazz Warm Up” series starts with breakdowns of Body Alignment, Isolations and Contractions, Stretch, Battements, and other various modules. Multiple breakdowns are included in each video, with emphasis on warming all muscles with a series of movements, stretches, and controlled steps. As the series progresses through intermediate and advanced levels, the warm up movements are designed to match the progressive skill levels of the dancers. The advanced level video includes over 35 carefully developed movements to prepare the dancer for rigorous steps required in “Advanced Jazz” training.

The “Jazz Warm Up” can be used in any contemporary or lyrical class with a ballet base. The creator and instructor, Kimberly Beck Thomson, is an accomplished dancer and instructor with a solid foundation of knowledge about the progressive needs in preparing the body for dance training. Additional world-class instructors will be introduced to lead the Jazz Series soon!