Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Ultra Hip Hop Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Ultra Hip Hop Series: Beginner - Advanced

Want training on the popular dance genre Hip Hop? Try out “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Ultra Hip Hop Series” to expand your technical dance skills with an engaging, expressionist dance form! In this video series, dancers learn a series of energetic steps set to appropriate music, and movement with an emphasis on teaching rhythm and coordination. Dancers will be challenged while enjoying the fast-paced popular dance style, learning a wide range of variations including Breakdancing, Popping, Locking, OldSchool, NuSchool, House, Krumping, Whacking, Heels/Jazz Funk, and the newer style of Lyrical Hip Hop.

Kimberly Beck Thomson has created a video series to further enhance the classically trained dancer to develop new steps, with the expectation they will be used to create choreography with the energy and rhythm of hip hop, originally performed on the street. Some moves you will learn include Happy Feet, Chest Pop, Harlem Shake, Coffee Grinder, and B-Boying. The distinguishing feature of Hip Hop is a freestyle or improvisational approach; however, in this thoughtfully developed video series, the dancer will learn steps that may be altered into a personal Hip Hop style. Your instructors for this series will be elite professionals and Master Choreographers with years of experience and training currently working in the industry.