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Rhythm & Tap Series: Levels 1-5

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Tap dance is an intricate style of dance. Your feet are creating rhythms complementary to the music, while at the same time your entire body is performing for the audience. In our “Rhythm & Tap” series, we ensure that students learn the building blocks of tap, which are the three main parts of the feet: Toe, Ball, and Heel. With an understanding of these three-basic elements, Tap transforms into complex, stylized, syncopated fun as you play with patterns, tempos, rhythms, and discover how to make even more sounds from various parts of your feet. This series gives you a total of 192 new steps!

Instructing in Levels 1-3 is someone you may recognize from So You Think You Can Dance Season 10, Curtis Holland. Trained under professionals such as Savion Glover, Curtis is currently performing up a storm across the United States from Oregon to New York City where he has performed on Broadway in Mean Girls and Shuffle Along. In Levels 4-5, Alyssa Fernandez leads the videos. She is currently pursuing a teaching certificate with hopes of running a high school dance program. She started dancing at five years old at Just Dance It, in Miami, Florida. At age eleven, she began to train with Mike Minery and shifted her focus to tap dancing. At fifteen years old, she led The Loose Screws alongside Michelle Fergis. She began teaching at sixteen, and at seventeen she was cast as a principal dancer in a Screen Actors Guild commercial featuring Lebron James, Johnny Manziel, and many more for McDonalds.