Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Primary for Tots Tap Series: Vol. I

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In “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Primary Tap for Tots” we start with a single sound and eventually increase to multiple sounds. Dancers will learn the three basic foot elements: the Toe, the Ball, and the Heel. Each of these will be used in Steps, Drops, Slaps, Brushes, and Rocks, and work up to moves like Flaps and Shuffles. This helps the dancer learn and improve upon the fundamental elements of not only Tap, but the principles and importance of counting in all forms of dance! This key bit of knowledge can help you through all of our other video series’, such as “Traditional Ballet”, “Jazz Fusion”, and even “Acrobatic Artistry”.

At our “Primary Tap” level, the dancer will develop coordination by use of hand and arm movements by interweaving Shakes and Claps between taps. Your young dancer will learn more than 30 steps! This develops strong connection from mind to foot and the dancer learns to hear and recognize a variety of unique rhythms. Ever inviting to the younger dancer, Tap is fun, energetic, and exciting because “Tap shoes make nice noise!” The video is taught by Kimberly Beck Thomson, a thirty-year professional with extensive experience working with young dancers. Kimberly’s teaching methods have been proven highly successful.