Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Primary for Tots Ballet Series: Vol. I-II

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Primary Ballet for Tots: Vol. I – Vol. II Animated

“Dance: The Cutting Edge – Primary Ballet for Tots – Animated Series” is a precursor to our “Traditional Ballet: Levels 1-4″ presented in an animated setting with age appropriate material. Ages 3 through 6 years old benefit greatly from Pre-Ballet class because it helps to work on various life skills such as self and body awareness, counting and mathematics (in measures of 8), musicality, listening, paying attention to detail, discipline, and goal setting. The videos contain fun-filled exercises to help young dancers reach their developmental milestones, and build classical ballet skills while also improving large motor skills. Students will learn more than 95 exciting new steps, like Flowers Blooming, Butterfly Wings, Rainbow, Princess Walks, Tendu on Cloud, The Puppet, Echappe, Stomping Feet, and more! “Primary Ballet” should be used with all of our other dance series, as ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance!

“Primary for Tots” was conceived by Kimberly Beck Thomson, and is taught by Sofia Arencibia, a professional instructor and dancer, based in Miami, Florida, who is currently the artistic director of Artistic Dance Center. In addition to being an accomplished instructor, Sofia performed lead roles in many renowned ballets. Dance: The Cutting Edge has been fortunate to include the amazing talents of so many gifted professionals in the development of our video series.