Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Modern Movement Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Modern Movement Series

“Dance: The Cutting Edge – Modern Movement Series” is essential for increasing your dance knowledge and foundation to include the understanding of fluid movement that defines modern dance. Search for greater freedom of movement utilizing contractions and isolations. Although dance fundamentals remain consistent, the influence of the modern dance movement is realized in many performing companies. As the genres of dance have expanded over the decades, various genres influence each other, resulting in a consistently progressive, every evolving art form. No dancer’s training is complete without training in our “Modern Movement” series. It involves fluidity without sacrificing form, poise, and technique.

As a third-generation dance teacher and award-winning choreographer, Kimberly Beck Thomson recognizes the importance for every dancer with ambitions of a professional career to be trained in a wide variety of dance genres. The “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Modern Movement” is presented by Master Teachers and Elite Professionals with an attitude of training dancers in the art of movement, progressing in difficulty from beginner through advanced. “Modern Movement” will prove to be a valuable tool in the progression of dance training.