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Jazz Fusion Turns, Jumps & Leaps Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Jazz Fusion - Turns, Jumps & Leaps Beginner - Advanced

Dance moves not only vertically and horizontally, but also diagonally and cyclically! No directional plane goes unexplored in the life of a dancer. With our “Turns, Jumps, and Leaps” video series, you will find yourself learning and perfecting all the variants that will make you feel like you are defying gravity and physics. The skills taught in this series will make you feel like a centered dancer who can achieve great heights! The structure of Kimberly’s teaching technique speaks for itself.

This video, in conjunction with the strength training learned from the rest of the “Jazz Fusion” video series, will help with muscle isolation in the correct muscle groups that need to be utilized for effective execution of the turns, jumps, and leaps you love. Before you know it, you will be solidly executing multiple Pirouettes and efficiently stopping while still in Relevé! The perfected art of turns, jumps, and leaps elevate a dancer to a performance level of skill. In addition to Kimberly, students will have the pleasure of working with other Master Teachers in this series!