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Jazz Fusion Series: Levels 1-4

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Jazz is often one of the most popular styles among dancers because of how expressive and engaging it is! Our “Jazz Fusion” video series is crafted by award winning choreographer Kimberly Beck Thomson. Her unique training structure incorporates a ballet barre to ensure that all new moves are learned with correct posture and placement, and that dancers are initiating and utilizing correct core and pelvic floor muscles to maintain optimum balance. Let her help you become a sophisticated and slick dancer with phenomenal technique, stage presence, and mastery of musicality and transitions. Kimberly puts a necessary emphasis on the student’s knowledge of foundation. It is the belief here at Dance: The Cutting Edge that a solid foundation is vital for proper progression and injury prevention. Everyone loves fancy moves, but we love executing them with proper technique!

In our “Dance: The Cutting Edge: Jazz Fusion” videos, Kimberly breaks down over 370 trendsetting tricks to capture not only your audience, but judges as well! In “Turns, Jumps, & Leaps” you will learn exciting never-before-seen tricks! While her students were off taking master classes, so was Kimberly! To be an effective and influential teacher and choreographer, you need to stay current. Our “Jazz Fusion Series” alongside our “Extreme Stretch and Flexibility”, “Boost ‘n Bounce”, and “Ultimate Burn” video series’ will be sure to craft you into the strong and able dancer you wish to be!