Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Fundamentals of Technique Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Fundamentals of Technique Series: Beginner-Advanced

“Dance: The Cutting Edge – Fundamentals of Technique Series: Beginner to Advanced” was designed for supplemental use with every video within the library developed by Dance: The Cutting Edge. It demonstrates the fundamental steps, body positioning, and form as the beginning building blocks to all dance steps. Every dancer must master proper form, such as turnout, arm placement, feet positions, and much more, to properly build upon in development of progressively advanced steps. Nearly 60 fundamentals are included in this entire series, beginning with Plié & Reach, Flat Back Relevé, and Demi Pointe & Pointe, the most necessary foundation of technique for dancers. The series continues in progressive complexity of steps to support the skill levels as dancers progress from beginner to advanced, including Tilt & Arabesque Penché, Battements, Pirouettes, Aerial Sequences, Leaps, and Turns.

This series was designed to help the dancer gain a high level of competency, both in class and while performing. The demonstrated solid techniques foster a dancer’s overall confidence and ability to have a successful dance career. Teach and learn the proper technique from the beginning.