Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Extreme Stretch & Flexibility Wall Series

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Extreme Stretch & Flexibility: Wall Stretches

In “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Wall Stretches,” the student expands the understanding of a variety of stretches against a wall that continue the process of developing optimal tone and flexibility. Flexibility is an achievable goal for everyone. Students will learn a total of 23 new stretches. This video series, created from the mind of award-winning choreographer, Kimberly Beck Thomson, is designed to increase the range of motion, improve elasticity, and reduce tension across the body—it is beneficial to both dancers and non-dancers!

As a third-generation dance teacher and choreographer, Kimberly has always incorporated acrobatics and contortion movements into her work, requiring her dancers to be nimble. Among the stretches are instructions for Standing Lunge & Split, Backbend Yogi, Arabesque Penché, and Straddle & Abdominals, working all parts of the body, and resulting in a stronger, more flexible dancer.