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Extreme Stretch & Flexibility Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Extreme Stretch & Flexibility: Beginner-Advanced

At “Dance: The Cutting Edge”, we believe that flexibility is an achievable goal for everyone. This video series, created with all original material from the mind of award-winning choreographer Kimberly Beck Thomson, is designed to achieve maximum flexibility, greater range of motion, improve elasticity, and reduce tension across the body – it is beneficial to hobbyists as well! Dancers will lengthen muscles, build tone, and gain optimal flexibility. This series includes a “Beginner Level” focused on mobility, an “Intermediate Level” to challenge your level of flexibility, and an “Advanced Level” for the optimal flexibility routine. There are more than 95 visionary and innovative exercises in the series! All exercises are adapted to the dancer’s skill level in these videos.

As a third-generation dance teacher and choreographer, Kimberly has always incorporated acrobatics and contortion movements into her work, requiring her dancers to be nimble. Her vast performance, educational, and choreography experiences have blessed her with the knowledge of how to truly train and craft a flexible dancer. Kimberly uses various “props” fitness tools as teaching aids; however, you can follow along even without access to them! Feel free to use your couch, bed, or other items around your space – be creative!

When used in conjunction with our other video series’, such as “Jazz Fusion”, “Traditional Ballet”, “Acrobatic Artistry”, you will see a significant increase in your technique and range of motion as you work for maximum results! Even the stiffest person can become limber with “Extreme Stretch and Flexibility”!