Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Extreme Stretch & Flexibility Incline Series

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Extreme Stretch & Flexibility: Incline Stretches

In “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Extreme Stretch & Flexibility: Incline Stretches”, the student expands their understanding of a variety of stretches, to further the process of developing greater expanded and optimal flexibility. At Dance: The Cutting Edge, we believe that flexibility is an achievable goal for everyone. Included in this video are an assortment of Incline Stretches to train the entire body for optimal flexibility. Among the 23 innovative new stretches are Pretzel, Abdominal Series, Plank, Battements & Straddle, and more to work all parts of the body.

This original series from the mind of award-winning choreographer Kimberly Beck Thomson, “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Extreme Stretch and Flexibility: Incline Stretches” is designed to be used with the other videos within the series, to increase the range of motion, improve elasticity, and reduce tension across the body – it is beneficial to all.