Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Dynamic Dance Team Series: Junior High - College

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Dynamic Dance Team Series: Junior High-College

“Dance: The Cutting Edge – Dynamic Dance Team Series” is essential for preparation of tryouts for junior high through college level dance teams. Learn tips and tricks from elite dance team coaches on turns, leaps, jumps, tumbling, flexibility, hip hop skills, and more! But more than skills, this video series teaches dancers about the expectations of being on a performance dance team, as well as what to expect at clinics and tryouts. Dance team members will learn about character, commitment, chemistry, class, discipline, and respect. The format of tryouts is reviewed, and students learn how best to prepare for attending clinics, preparing routines, perfecting technique, and what the judges will be looking for during tryouts.

This series will guide you through learning the styles that will best assist you in your tryouts. While Jazz enables you to boost your precision and technique, Ballet helps you in balancing and poise, thus you will want to further your training with the library of videos offered by Dance: The Cutting Edge including the “Acrobatic Artistry”, “Traditional Ballet”, “Ultimate Burn” and “Extreme Stretch & Flexibility” series.