Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Contemporary Choreography Vol. II Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Note: Syllabus in Choreo series is a one page description of the routine. (Complimentary)

“Dance: The Cutting Edge-Contemporary Choreography Series: Vol. II” was created by passionate choreography artist Adri Lu. Adri Lu combines creativity in choreography with consistent mindfulness of technique and positioning – a perfect choice for any contemporary dancer looking for choreography for performance. Since Contemporary Dance doesn’t have established movement patterns, it borrows from other dance forms for step and rhythm combinations. It includes moves like jetés, legato, inversions, lyrical steps, lunges, pirouettes, and more!

This video series is for a range of skill levels, including beginner through advanced, with creative choreography of steps demonstrated from a combination of genres to include “Traditional Ballet”, “Modern Movement”, “Acrobatic Artistry”, and “Jazz Fusion”, while also utilizing the skills developed from the video library for “Extreme Stretch & Flexibility”. Dance: The Cutting Edge videos use various camera angles and high-definition views of each step, slow-motion breakdowns, and corrections for incorrect technique. Innovative new drills help dancers build confidence, tap into their artistic energy, and help them create new routines! This video series is a must-have for the dancer seeking to become a professional.