Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Blazin' Ballroom Series: Beginner-Advanced

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Blazin’ Ballroom Series: Beginner-Advanced

Every dancer must expand their repertoire of skills and knowledge within various genres. This series, “Dance: The Cutting Edge – Blazin’ Ballroom” is a fun opportunity to expand your technical dance skills in an expressionist dance form enjoyed both socially and competitively, worldwide! In this video series, dancers learn a series of traditional ballroom steps set to appropriate music, and movement with an emphasis on teaching the classic steps, variations for use as a solo dancer, or also with a partner.

Dancers will be challenged while enjoying the fast-paced popular ballroom styles. The video will demonstrate a wide range of steps with international flavor such as the Hustle, Salsa, and Merengue, as well as traditional ballroom techniques and dance steps. Elite professionals created this lively video series to further encourage the classically trained dancer to develop new steps, with the expectation they will be used to create choreography with the energy and elegance of ballroom dancing enjoyed at competitions around the globe.