Dance: The Cutting Edge

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All Ethnic Series: Beginner

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“Dance: The Cutting Edge – All Ethnic Series: Beginner” is essential for increasing your dance knowledge and foundation to include various international dance steps utilized in all genres of dance. This video allows dancers to be inspired by unique, cultural movements. Although dance fundamentals remain consistent, the “flavor” of dance steps are adapted through time as a reflection of the various worldwide cultures and ever-changing pop-cultures. The “All Ethnic Series” is an introduction level of beginner steps within the following cultural dance types: Liturgical, Flamenco, Irish, and African. As a dancer progresses through training, having a foundation of ethnic dance steps will further enhance choreography endeavors, modern movements, and a myriad of dance opportunities. As a third-generation dance teacher and choreographer, Kimberly Beck Thomson recognizes the importance of every dancer with ambitions of a professional career to be trained in a wide variety of dance genres. The “Dance: The Cutting Edge – All Ethnic Series” is presented in an engaging and energetic manner, offering another layer of knowledge for dancers.