Dance: The Cutting Edge

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Acrobatic Artistry Partner Work Series: Beginner-Advanced

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In this all new, original video, “Dance: The Cutting Edge Partner Work: Beginner to Advanced”, you will be the first to learn these never before seen creations! Students will participate in stunts done with a partner of equal skill. Working with a partner builds trust, makes connections, adds counterbalance, and allows for flying transitions! As in all of her videos, Kimberly stresses that safety is the number one priority. Students are given proper spotting, taught exact hand placement, and supported with body training and conditioning, also known as “acro-yoga”. 

Some of the more than 30 stunts presented include Swing Around the World Front, Front Walkover Waist, Front Aerial, Rainbow, Chin Lift, Front Pullover, Back Limber, The Claw, Chinstand/Butterfly, Dive Front Walkover, and more! Pair this with our “Dance: The Cutting Edge Ultimate Conditioning” and “Dance: The Cutting Edge Extreme Stretch and Flexibility” conditioning videos for optimal body strengthening and training! This video series takes dance students from the fundamentals of partner work all the way through to advanced levels of stunt work that can add excitement to any pair or group performance. Partner work in acrobatics can be a great addition to any dance routine, wowing judges and audiences alike!