Dance: The Cutting Edge

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We are Excited to Welcome You to Dance: The Cutting Edge! You are at the Forefront of the Dance Education Revolution.


The evolution of dance education is here! Dance: The Cutting Edge is the most cost-effective, transformative, interactive, competency-based model of dance instruction. It was developed with expert dance industry leaders to be easy-to learn and enjoy for both professional and beginner dancers. Its sequentially progressive skill-based structured approach will instantly change your students' experience in the studio by unlocking their ability to master more difficult techniques. With over 3000+ unique lessons, and 65+ courses this online program revolutionizes lesson planning, giving you time to focus on teaching, not creating material. Your students will get the highest quality education through this remarkably innovative learning process that is unmatched in today. Our instructors help dance educators maximize their teaching capabilities and artistry.
The DTCE method has been proven effective for 8000+ students and counting!