Dance: The Cutting Edge

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EXECUTIVE MEMBERSHIP: $4999 worth of resources. Free membership for one year. Become an affiliate partner and earn 20% commission on sales who signed up through your dance studio. We empower dance teachers and studios with a variety of resources, from a progressive syllabus to interactive lesson plans to e-commerce tools. DTCE's unique platform creates a more engaging way for both students and teachers to participate in the learning experience. DTCE is educated in the strategies of how to engage with today's digital world and edge out your competition.

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Dance: The Cutting Edge is the premier resource for teachers, studios, choreographers, and students of all ages. It is a unique dance database with 4,000 comprehensive lessons detailing specific skills and proven processes to reach higher levels. DTCE allows you to connect directly with your students and provide them with more teaching flexibility and student choice, all without any additional investment of time or resources.

These cutting-edge unparalleled breakdown tools are available online 24/7, so you can upgrade and enhance your studio's resources--anytime! Individualized reports, custom charts and statistics keeps your dancers on pace and motivated to learn at their best.

Your Studio Login gives you total control over your students, classes, schedules and keeps you up to date with updated reports. If teaching is your passion, this opportunity will allow you to share your love of dance.

We have been teaching dance for over 30 years, and as a result, we know what works and what does not work. You can be assured that you are not just another number on our list of subscribers or members; we will give you individualized attention to make sure that we are providing the very best we can with your membership